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100 packs of 100 x Vansful Urine Testing Kits 10 result urine test kits

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Product description

Wholesale URS10 urine dip test 10 parameter urinalysis testing strips

  • Ten parameter test strips URS10
  • 100 urine test strips in each pack
  • Urine multitest strips 
  • A Complete Urine Health Check in one Test
  • 100 test strips in each re-sealable pot
  • As used by GP's , hospitals and occupational health to health screen urine

Each urine test strip screens urine for the following 10 parameters

  • Glucose,  (diabetes)
  • Bilirubin,  (liver disease)
  • Ketones (diabetes and atkins diet keto diet test)
  • Specific gravity, (kidney function)
  • Blood  (infection & renal tract disease)
  • pH (metabolism)
  • Protien,  (kidney and liver function)
  • Urobilinogen,  (liver function)
  • Leukocytes  (infection)
  • Nitrite (infection)

If you do not want the urine test strips in wholesale volumes you can buy 10 parameter URS10 in single pot at Valuemed medical supplies

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