Wholesale FERTILITYSCORE Male Fertility Test Kit

Wholesale fertilityscore home male fertility test kit

Wholesale FERTILITYSCORE Male Fertility Test Kit

Wholesale FERTILITYSCORE male fertility test kit (2 test pack) EXP APRIL 24

  • FertilityScore is Europes most advanced and trusted self-testing kit for male fertility
  • Fertilityscore is unique in that it checks sperm concentration and sperm activity because it only counts sperm that are actively swimming. Many other home male fertility tests do not do this. 
  • The only home male fertility test kit pack to screen for motility over 2 complete sperm count tests per pack.
  • FertilityScore is an easy to perform male fertility test.
  • A highly accurate and reliable home fertility test kit
  • Each FertilityScore pack contains all the equipment required to complete 2 sperm tests, along with detailed instructions. This means the individual can repeat the test at a later date.
  • FertilityScore tests 2 complete sperm ejaculates not just a small sample, increasing the test confidence and accuracy.
  • Fertilityscore tests both sperm count and sperm motility as it only counts motile ie active sperm.
  • Customers who obtain abnormal results and are struggling to conceive should seek medical advice,
  • SRP NOW £19.99 WAS £22.95 plus delivery
  • Fertilityscore is very well packaged for OTC sales
  • Ideal FBA wholesale product as it is already in Amazon FBA
  • Ideal home fertility product for pharmacy sales, online fertility and health stores, FBA and ebay stores.
  • Bulk and wholesale packs of Fertilityscore male fertility home test kit available to buy online
  • If you require any further information or do not wish to purchase online please do not hesitate to contact our trade team to place a wholesale Fertilityscore order

Buy a single pack of Fertilityscore male fertility test kit at our UK fertility site Access Diagnostics

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