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Wholesale Breath Ketone Meter


Product description

Wholesale bulk packs of Breath Ketone Meters

  • Breath ketone meters are used for estimating ketone levels in breath samples
  • These ketone meters measure breath acetone as an indicator of ketone levels
  • UK level display of breath¬†ketone levels in mmol/L expected blood equivalent.
  • Uses a 10-second breath sample to estimate the real-time blood ketone levels.
  • While a breath ketone meter will never be as accurate as direct blood ketone tests, this ketone meter comes very close with an accuracy of +/- 15% compared to blood ketone meters when used correctly.
  • This ketone breath analyzer requires 2AA batteries (not supplied)
  • Includes 10 mouthpieces (can be re-used if being used for personal ketone testing)
  • Very popular and easy to use ketone breathalyser for dieters following low carb keto diets

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