Wholesale ALLTEST Ovulation Strip Vials

ALLTEST ovulation tests strips wholesaleALLTEST ovulation tests strips wholesale

Wholesale ALLTEST Ovulation Strip Vials

Ovulation test strips in pots of 25 test strips wholesale

  • Bulk and wholesale packs of 25 ovulation test strips per vial.
  • Ultra sensitive ovulation test strips 
  • Sensitivity of the ovulation test is 25miu
  • Manufactured by ALLTEST
  • Measure LH  (luteinising hormone) level in urine 
  • 1 vial and one instruction per box
  • Lid must be replaced on pot after an ovulation test strip is removed to prevent moisture entering
  • The ovulation test strips should ideally be used within 3 months of opening the pot
  • Ideal ovulation test for NHS, fertility clinics and frequent ovulation testing

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