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Coronavirus Covid-19 IgG Antibody Rapid Test Kit Pack of 40

Code: 40-INCPG-402  

Product description

Coronavirus Covid 19 IgG antibody rapid test kit 

Covid-19 antibody test kits In stock now and available for next working day UK delivery

Covid-19 IgG rapid test pack contents

  • Pack contents 40 cassettes, 40 droppers 1 data sheet IFU, 3 buffer solution sufficient to run 40 whole blood test cassettes.
  • No additional buffer solutions are available
  • This Coronavirus test kit allows rapid, low cost per screen, mass testing for antibodies to Covid-19 allowing identification of patients or workers who have had the infection.

How should the Coronavirus Covid-19 antibody test kits be used

  • The intended use of this rapid test kit is in population screening to establish if previous exposure (now asymptomatic) to SARs COV2 Covid-19 Virus has occurred. 
  • Typical scenarios for testing with INCPG-402 test kit  include ~ "was it a cold or flu or have I had Covid-19?
  • For professional medical use only
  • These professional Corona antibody test kits are in bulk packs containing 25 test kits and 1 buffer solution.
  • They are not home or self-test kits and can not be split and resold as such

How to order the Covid-19 antibody test kits

  • You can place an order online, by telephone or by NHS purchase order
  • Please ensure you order using your workplace or professional e-mail address and a telephone number where we can contact you as we may need to contact you prior to dispatch to confirm details.
  • If you have a .nhs.net or .doctors.org email address please use this. 
  • Contact us to order wholesale covid tests

Key features of the Coronavirus Covid 19 IgG Rapid Test Kit

  • Pack of 40 Corona virus SARS COV2 Covid-19 IgG antibody test kits for whole blood, serum or plasma
  • Detect IgG antibody produced following exposure to Corona Virus Covid-19 SARS COV2 

40 x ALLTEST INCPG-402 Rapid 2019-nCov SARS-COV2  (Covid 19) IgG on-site Coronavirus test kit.

  • Rapid Covid-19 IgG whole blood/serum/plasma test cassette
  • Qualitative membrane-based immunoassay for the detection of IgG antibodies to 2019-nCoV
  • For professional in vitro diagnostic use only
  • This is a professional only medical diagnostic test kit intended solely for use by healthcare professionals under the supervision of doctors.
  • Storage at 2-30*C (accelerated stability studies suggest 24-month expiry stability.
  • Compared to commercial PCR, INCPG-402 offers a relative sensitivity of 96.9% for IgG The relative specificity is 96.3% for IgG
  • The overall combined accuracy of the Coronavirus test is 96.4% for IgG detection.
  • No cross-reactivity with Influenza A, B, RSV, or Adenovirus.
  • Haematocrit flex testing good between 25% and 65% hematocrit levels.
  • Suitable for capillary blood, venous fresh blood, EDTA-K2, Heparin sodium, Citrate sodium, and oxalate potassium anticoagulant samples.
  • Results can be read at 10 minutes
  • CE certified IVDD Chinese government export whitelisted product

Limitations of the Coronavirus Covid 19 IgG rapid test kits

  • The ALLTEST INCPG-402 screens for IgG antibodies specifically produced against Covid-19 and NOT virus antigenic material. 
  • In early infections anti-SAR COV2 antibody concentrations can be below the detectable level, it is therefore not recommended to use this test as part of the early diagnosis of the disease.
  • A negative test result does NOT exclude Covid-19 infection.
  • Studies suggest IgG antibodies are detectable 4-10 days after the onset of clinical symptoms. No long term studies on Covid-19 antibodies are yet available on how long these antibodies remain detectable, or on their ability to prevent further infection with the virus.

ALLTEST Coronavirus antibody test kit reviews

Recommend 5*

Chai Sanapala on Apr 06, 2020

Has worked on all staff who have been confirmed positive on PCR swabs. Recommend to check if a healthcare worker has been exposed to COVID already.

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