Coronavirus Covid 19 Antibody Test Kit Box of 40 Tests

Covid 19 antibody test kitCovid 19 antibody test kit

Coronavirus Covid 19 Antibody Test Kit Box of 40 Tests

Covid antibody test kits

  • A rapid qualitative detection test for IgG antibody to SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 in whole blood serum or plasma samples.
  • The professional Covid-19 antibody test kit is suitable for finger prick capillary venous whole blood and prepared plasma and serum samples.
  • This diagnostic test kit is for professional medical use only and is not a home test kit.
  • The equipment for obtaining the blood sample is not included with the pack.
  • CE marked in vitro diagnostic test 
  • Store the test kit between 2 and 30*C
  • Accuracy 95% 
  • While the COVID-19 antibody test is non quantitative, the faster and darker the positive T line forms and develops, is an indicator of higher antibody levels. 

What is included in the professional Covid-19 antibody test kits pack:

  • Instructions x 1
  • 40 foil wrapped test Covid-19 antibody test cassettes
  • 40 10uL blood sample transfer pipettes
  • 3 bottles of buffer (sufficient for 40 tests)
  • Data sheet x 1
  • Reference procedure card x 1

How to order bulk professional packs of Coronavirus Covid-19 antibody test kits

Order online or contact us by email to to place an order for Coronavirus Covid 19 antibody test kits. Our customer support team are available during our office hours by telephone and email.

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