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Featured wholesale fertility product this month is Fertilityscore

Fertilityscore home male fertility test kit

  • Our featured fertility product this month is Fertilityscore home male fertility test kit. 
  • A very popular and accurate home male fertility test kit to offer couples the ability to test both male sperm count and motility.  
  • With a UK S.R.P of £22.99 these home male fertility test packs offer excellent value for customers with high quality fertility test results. 
  • Superbly packaged for OTC sales.
  • Each Fertilityscore pack contains test kits to complete 2 male home fertility tests, and easy to follow instructions. 
  • Shipping outers of FertilityScore start from as little as 20 packs, making it ideal for independent pharmacy retailers, chemists, online retailers, Amazon FBA, ebay and clinics. (this product has dual OTC home and professional CE certification)

If you would like to buy Fertiltyscore fertility test kit singly or in smaller volumes visit our retail site Valuemed