Corona Virus Covid-19 Antibody Test Kit

Corona Virus Covid-19 Antibody Test Kit

Coronavirus Covid-19 IgG antibody rapid test kits a guide to use

The onsite Corona virus antibody test kit enables fast screening for previous exposure and antibody reaction to the Corona virus responsible for causing Covid-19  Results are available within 10 minutes. 

How should the Covid-19 antibody test kits be used

This instant CoronaCovid-19 IgG antibody test kit is not intended for use in the immediate diagnosis of Covid-19 as in the early stages antibody levels may be below the detection level, rather is is intended to identify if previous infection has occured with resulting detectable levels of antibody in the blood.

This Covid-19 test kit is certified for professional end use only and is not a home or self test kit.

It is hoped that the rapid on-site test kit will allow mass population screening for the first time, and will also be of great value in population screening especially in healthcare and social care workers required to treat patients developing the infection.

How does the Corona virus Covid-19 antibody test kit work

The new Corona rapid diagnostic test kit works in a similar way to a other lateral flow rapid test kits, with a Test or T line embedded with antigen which binds dye bonded antibody particles from the sample.

The rapid Covid-19 antibody test kit requires a small sample of blood, which can be obtained by finger prick, and the results are read at 10-20 minutes. (it is also suitable for anti-coagulated samples of clinical venous blood)

The Corona test kit is looking for the presence of IgG antibody against Corona virus, 2019-nCoV, now known as Covid-19, which are the antibodies that are produced in response to infection.

How to place an order the Covid-19 antibody test kits

The Covid-19 antibody test kits cost £119.00 plus VAT per box of 40 test kits and are available in stock in our UK warehouse for next day UK delivery

For more information or to place an order please contact our trade team by e-mail 

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