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Corona Virus Covid-19 Antibody Test Kit

Coronavirus Covid-19 IgG antibody rapid test kits a guide to use

Rapid onsite Coronavirus Covid-19 antibody test kits enable rapid onsite screening for IgG antibodies to Coronavirus and the results are available within 20 minutes. Order a box of 40 professional test kits for £119.00 plus VAT through our trade team.

This instant CoronaCovid-19 IgG antibody test kit is not intended for use in the immediate diagnosis of Covid-19 as in the early stages antibody levels may be below the detection level, rather is is intended to identify if previous infection has occured with resulting detectable levels of antibody in the blood.

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Coronavirus Covid-19 antibody test kits in stock now in UK

Coronavirus antibody test kits now in stock in UK

Our first batch of the new ALLTEST Coronavirus Covid-19 antibody test kits arrived in stock in our UK warehouse this week and are available to purchase for end users.

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Wholesale Products For FBA

FBA wholesale products

We have an extensive catalogue of wholesale products suitable for Amazon FBA including Preseed lubricant which has just come back into stock into the UK and which is currently in high demand. 

We are experienced FBA sellers and many of our products are already in FBA and would make an easy addition to your FBA catalogue.

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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Kits

Drug tests for workplace

ADTUK Ltd is the UK main distributing importer for the ALLTEST brand of on-site rapid drugs of aabuse and alcohol testing kits. The ALLTEST range of drug testing kits includes specialist combination drug tests designed to make workplace drug testing easy, safe, and affordable.

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