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What is a ketone breath meter

Ketone breath meters have been around now for several years and have become very popular. They are similar in appearance and operation to a handheld alcohol breathalyser. The main difference is that a breath ketone meter measures the levels of acetone on the breath, and a alcohol breathalyser measures alcohol levels on the breath. 

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Featured wholesale fertility product this month is Fertilityscore

Our featured wholesale fertility product this month is Fertilityscore home male fertility test kit.  Fertilityscore is a very popular and accurate home male fertility test kit ,to offer couples the ability to test both male sperm count and motility.  

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Welcome to the latest version of ADTUK

Why a new version of our wholesale medical supplies site you may ask. This is the latest version of our website www.adtuk.co.uk, which has been online now since 2005. As we are all now shopping on mobile phones we felt it was time for a faster more mobile friendly website, where you could browse and shop for wholesale medical supplies quickly and easily.

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