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Product description

Wholesale TSH Thyroid Testing Kits

  • 50 or 250 x boxed and pre-packed retail packs of ALLTEST TSH home thyroid test kit. 
  • The Thyroid test kit measure TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone level in blood and is a screening test for underactive thyroid
  • This test will not identify an over active thyroid
  • Complete Thyroid home blood test/self-test pack for measuring TSH level and screening for hypothyroidism ( underactive thyroid)
  • Each pack contains a complete Thyroid test kit, transfer tube, buffer, and instruction.
  • CE marked for self-testing / home testing 
  • Home thyroid testing kit suitable for general sales, over the counter, retail, pharmacy, internet, grocery, and health promotion. 
  • This pack is UK language CE0123 compliant for unrestricted sales as a self-testing kit.

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