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100 HbA1C Rapid Test Kits

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Product description

100 ALLTEST OHA-402 professional whole blood (capillary) test kits for HbA1c 

  • 10 Pack of 10 HbA1C blood test kits
  • This is a professional medical diagnostic test kit intended solely for use by healthcare professionals under the supervision of doctors
  • Rapid whole blood test cassettes for HbA1c in packs of 10
  • Allow instant on-site screening for diabetes in clinics, health screening, out-patients, nursing homes using finger-prick capillary samples
  • Elevated HbA1c levels in the blood is the best way of early diagnosis for Diabetes and is the only reliable marker of pre-diabetes before symptoms develop
  • ALLTEST HbA1c Rapid test Cassette allows on-site screening of capillary whole blood samples.

Contents of each HbA1c professional medical test pack

  • 10 x HbA1C test cassettes with droppers
  • 10 x sample collection micro-transfer tubes and 10 buffers
  • 1 x instruction
  • 1 x colour code card

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